Be the Change Butterfly LLC

Empowering you to manage your mental health and physical well-being naturally


Be the Change Butterfly LLC was founded by Rachanee Oeller, a licensed social worker and a certified holistic nutrition consultant. Combining both areas of her expertise she empowers others to manage their mental health and physical well-being using positive, natural approaches.

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Food Matters

Food matters when it comes to your mental and physical health. There's no greater thing you can do for yourself than what you decide to eat. Every bite you take you are choosing how you will live because what you consume effects your overall mental and physical well-being.

Your Thoughts Matter

Ghandi once said:

"If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him...we need not wait to see what others do."

What Ghandi simply meant by this is all change starts with you. Ghandi wants you to look from within in order to change your relationship with the world around you. If you want others to be kind towards you then you be kind first. If you want more love in your life, then become loving. It all starts with you. Be the Change!

About Rachanee

Rachanee's journey towards healthy living began in her twenties when she was diagnosed with having multiple allergies (ie pollen, molds, trees, flowers, various foods and medications) and continued in her thirties when she was diagnosed with having MTHFR. Starting on the traditional root (going to the doctors and following doctor's orders) she found that nothing was helping her. In fact her allergic reactions and environmental sensitivities were getting worse causing her to be laid up in bed for weeks at a time. Rachanee decided to do her own research and discovered that certain foods she was still eating was causing her allergies to flare up. Upon her discovery, she began an indepth research into how her body reacts to certain foods and environmental elements. During her journey towards optimal health, she has come across others like herself who had similar food and environmental sensitivities. Wanting to solve her own health issues and others like her, she enrolled in a nutritional certification program and now helps many people change the way they look at food and how they eat it.

Alongside her experience with nutrition, Rachanee has worked in the field of Behavioral Health for nearly 20 years and has helped many children with special needs and their families. Her passion for helping others stems from her own struggles with mental and physical health.