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GenoPalate’s Food for Thought: A Comprehensive Review

GenoPalate’s Food for Thought: A Comprehensive Review

New Year's is coming up and now is a great time to start planning to make those changes in your eating routine. However, most people fail at their New Year's resolutions for eating healthier because the food they're eating isn't really supporting them as much as they like.

The best diet or eating routine to follow is the one that is exactly right for you. But how do you find out which diet or eating plan is specificaly right for you?

GenoPalate is the solution for you when trying to hit those healthy goals. GenoPalate takes the guess work out of what foods are right for you and which foods are unhealthy triggers for your body type. You may be wondering how is GenoPalate able to do this?

GenoPalate uses your DNA and cross matches your genetic make up with established scientific nutritional studies to identify what foods are right for your body. Continue readng to learn more about GenoPalate.

How does GenoPalate help you?

If you have already done a DNA analysis (23andMe or Ancestry) then you're half way there with finding out what foods work best for you. After downloading your raw data from either 23andMe or Ancestry you will then upload the raw data text file to your GenoPalate account. Genopalate will take your raw data results from these DNA platforms and analyze your DNA. You should get your results from GenoPalate within 1-3 weeks.

The company will only allow the upload of raw DNA data from 23andMe and Ancestry at this time. If you have not used either of these DNA analysis platforms then Genopalate uses their own Clinical Laboratory Information Amendment (CLIA) certified lab to analyze your genetics that you provide using a GenoPalate at home test kit.

How much does GenoPalate Cost?

Genopalate is reasonably priced for what it offers. If you already have your data from 23andMe or Ancestry, then getting your nutritional report from GenoPalate wil set you back $39.95. But if you need the genetic analysis then that will cost you $149.95. These prices are the current holiday specials GenoPalate has running as of December, 2021.

Is GenoPalate Worth the Cost?

GenoPalate will email you a thoroughly, detailed nutritional report in a colorful, easy to read pdf. You can get a sample report emailed to you by going to their site and submitting your email. The report begins with a brief explanation about how genetics works and then breaks your personalized report into three parts:

After you get your nutritional recommenations you will receive emails from GenoPalate giving you ideas on how to incorporate the recommended foods from your report into your daily eating routine.

Aside from the nutritional report, GenoPalate offers Group Orientation (free for 30-45 minutes) with a registered dietician to give you an opportunity to ask questions and help you better understand your report and how to use that information in your dailly life.

For the one time cost, the report is comprehensive and easy to understand, even for the lay person who is not a nutritionist or an avid health enthusiast. Also, getting the opportunity to speak to a dietician about your results is helpful along with the follow up emails to keep you motivated towards your health goals.

What Else Does GenoPalate Provide?

Additionally, at an extra reasonable cost, you can get other reports that wil give you detailed information that will explain to you why you crave certain foods and why you handle stress the way you do based on your DNA. You can also get personalized recipes, personalized supplements, and one on one nutritional consultation.

The personalized supplements are based on your specific nutritional report you recieved from GenoPalate and will give you the correct amounts of vitamins and minerals your body needs to reach its peak level of funtional health. No other supplement program does this. Of course, you should consult with your primary care physician before using any supplements.

GenoPalate's supplement program is subscription based but can be can be cancelled at any time.

What is GenoPalate's Customer Service Like?

On GenoPalates website, you can easily type in a question and have your inquiries answered by an AI chat bot. The answers are automatically populated depending on your question. However, if you have a specific type of question that needs human assistance than the AI chat bot will ask you if you would like to speak to someone in Customer Service. If so, then you will be asked by the AI chat bot to type your question in the message box and someone from Customer Service will email you within 24 hours about your inquiry.

GenoPalate is not Available for non-U.S. Citizens

At the time of this writing, GenoPalate is currentlly only available for U.S. Citizens There has been some complaints about this and hoping GenoPalate is working on changing this in the near future.


GenoPalate analyzes your DNA to give you a detailed nutritional report that will give you the tools you need to start eating healthier based on your specific genetic needs. Whether you're into eating beans, beef, or a good bruschetta you're going to want to know if these foods are really supporting your genetic make-up. If you're looking to get heathier for the New Year, give GenoPalate a try. You can get $10 off your order if you use the code: CHANGE4U at check out. This offer is exclusive to readers here.